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UK members of the charity

  • Jawahir A farah

    Founder /Director

    Short Biography of Jawahir A. Farah

    Jawahir A. Farah has been a teacher in the London Borough of Ealing U.K for 24 years. After retirement in 2014 she created this charity for the deaf children/adults in remote areas of Somalia. Currently two schools for the Deaf/deaf are open in Lasanod and Buuhoodle of the Sool and Ayn regions.

    In 1990 she was the first Somali teacher in the London Borough of Ealing teaching refugee children, from nursery level through high school.

  • Hassan A. Hassn


    Sales representative at Harods and active secretary of the charity.


  • Dequa Ali Hassan


    Teacher Assistant of a special school & currently a university student, studying Special Educational Needs

Lasanod Members of the deaf school

  • Khadija H. Hirad


    and the local representative for the   ‘Somali Simma for Education, Culture and Skills.


  • Ismail Abdillahi Abdi


    1. Arabic Teacher of Lasanod School for the Deaf/Blind Children and young adults of Lasanod of the Sool Region

    2. Treasurer and Secretary of Manual org, and head of Lasanod Orphans Centre

    2013-2017 Director of Alnuur Religious Studies

    2006-2008 Head of the University-gtg Lasanod of Sool Region

    2004-2007 Quranic Teacher in Lasanod of Sool Region

  • Aamina Yuusuf Guhaad

    2020 on going.....

    Newly Appointed Manager of the Schools for the Deaf/Blind in School and Ayn Regions. Replaced former head (Abdi Qani Ali Duuh)

    2000-2018 Steadfast Voluntary Org. "SVO" Researcher

    2013-2015 Gurmad Voluntary Organisation Administer

    2006-2010 USWRO a women NGO Vice Chair Person

  • Khadra Barkhadle


    - Primary Teacher

    - Provides Administrator support for Somsimma


    - Studied Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies at Middlesex University


  • Hodo G. Ali


    - Safeguarding person for Somsimma

    - Administrator in Home-Care agency

    - Operation Support Accounting at Radisson Edwardian Blu, Williams college and Childcare

    - 6 years’ experience in providing patient care in safe working environment


    - Higher National Diploma Leaving Certificate, Birbeck University and William College

    - Multi-lingual – Somali, English and French

    - First Aid Certified

    - Certified Basic Financial Accounting


UK Fundraising Committee

London :

1. Asha Muhumud Ahmed
2. Shukri Aideed Ahmed
3. Ifrah Yusuf Ahmed
4. Ismail Adaani H. Ahmed