• Support the stigmatized

    Children / Adults of Somalia
  • We are deaf with pride and dignity

  • Empower me ,with the tools to communicate

  • Support the stigmatized

    Children / Adults of Somalia
  • We are deaf with pride and dignity

  • Support the stigmatized

    Children / Adults of Somalia

Who are we?

On the 5th of June 2014 Somali Simma for Education, Culture and Skills LTD/Somsimma (Company Number 09072209) was registered in the UK as a Non-For-Profit Company Limited by guarantee

Somali Simma for Education, Culture and Skills is set up for charitable purposes. It is independant and is not part of any governing department, local authority or any other statutory bodies.

Simma 'meaning 'Equal rights' is a Somali word depicting the importance of equality and promotes the inalienable rights of the Deaf/Blind children and young adults.

Somsimma provides education opportunities for disabled children and young adults in remote areas. This young charity is staffed by Somali nationals inside Somalia and coordinated by a small team in London.

It, currently has over 5 years experience providing access to education for vulnerable children in remote communities. There are no other institutions that provide support for the disabled in these remote, isolated areas. Our charity particularly supports children of nomadic families who are most excluded from education.

Thousands of disabled children are prevented from attending school for various reasons.

Within the Somali society, being deaf or blind is considered a curse and perceived as a bad omen by their families. Some parents refuse to enrol their deaf children in school due to cultural stigma and taboos. Children with hearing impairments are often subjected to emotional and physical abuse by other children and adults.

Our Services

  • Promotes and Develops

    A culturally appropriate language Programme in remote areas of Somalia to benefit children and adults with severe communication

  • Support

    All disabled children/adults to access the national educational opportunity where they can develop to their fullest potential

  • Explore

    A wide range of strategies in understanding the Deaf and Deaf culture within the hearing community through training and awareness-raising workshops

  • Plans

    To secure license for the implementation and teaching of appropriate sign language

  • Aims to Creates

    Develop and purchase suitable resources and technical support for the Deaf Plus

  • Commitment

    To find funds on behalf of the Deaf Plusboth nationally and internationally

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